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Non-profits face challenges wholly different than those facing average for-profit businesses. Whether you’re starting a new non-profit, or have one up and running, the Longmont accountants at Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC are dedicated to keeping your NPO within budget and compliant.  

Services Offered by Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC

With over two decades of business experience, Kristi Hattig, CPA, leads our firm in providing non-profits with the tools they need to stay successful in a modern market. Unlike their profit-oriented counterparts, non-profit organizations are subject to regular audits, and are responsible for a much tighter handling of cash flow, from their 501c3, to their annual 990’s. In an effort to keep our clients’ organizations in proper compliance and ensure the long-lasting operation of your NPO, we offer myriad services, including:

Starting Your Non-Profit

Assuring your NPO’s success depends on starting it with all of the right pieces in place. Our Longmont accountants are committed to assisting you in getting that strong start, and offer our expertise and experience in making sure that you meet the expectations required in filing your 501c3. By creating a solid foundation, Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC helps you remain compliant with evolving tax laws as they change.

As your non-profit begins to grow, it is also important to understand the best strategies to help it remain in compliance while retaining the necessary liquidity to continue operations. Part of this understanding and ability to continue operations are the services we offer in preparing statements of financial position and activities for each quarter of the fiscal year.

Your Thorough and Experienced CPAs

Beginning with our initial consultation, our Longmont firm will provide you with a variety of checklists and requirements that will help you to retain exemption status at the end of the fiscal year. Our instructional approach to non-profit services is coupled with a meticulous attention-to-detail that enables us to find every available advantage for your non-profit organization.

Additionally, the chief financial officer services that we offer allow us to best help you to determine a direction for your NPO. CPA Kristi Hattig has multiple years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer, giving us the necessary insight to curb expenditures. If your non-profit organization is currently experiencing financial hardship, our CFO services may be just what you need to put your cash flow in check.

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Whether you run a non-profit organization or are looking to start one, contact our Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC. We are dedicated to putting our experience and commitment to excellence in the hands of business owners from Longmont, Loveland, and Boulder.

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