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Longmont Part-Time CFO and Controllership Services

C suite positions are often necessary to help businesses non-profit organizations create strategies for continued financial stability. While these professionals are necessary to assist continued growth in the long term, few businesses can support the full salary of an experienced and qualified chief financial officer.

Part-time CFO and controller services allow small and not-for-profit businesses to gain access to a qualified professional without exceeding the limits of their budget.  Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC provides part-time CFO services in Longmont, allowing organizations with limited operational funds to afford the insight of a qualified and experienced professional.

Generating Long Term Business Plans

As your part-time CFO, our primary goal is to help you create and execute a long-term business plan. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and establish immediate and long-term plans to reach them. 

Chief financial officers also ensure that business owners have a proper understanding as to their venture’s current financial well-being, and act as advisors for sales and acquisition purposes. This advisory service ensures that any business owner properly understands their venture’s current financial health according to their physical and liquid assets and that any moves toward the sale or expansion of their business draw maximum yield.

Refining Current Accounting Practices

In addition to the forward-looking services provided by our Longmont part-time chief financial officer, we help to refine current accounting practices used in your business. These services are aimed at helping you optimize the efficiency of your back-office accounting tasks processes, lowering your overhead and enhancing your daily operations.

We are able to help with the implementation of new systems for businesses, as well as enhancing existing functions. Whether you are looking to enhance your business point of sale through the use of a new accounting program, or implement new controls for your business, our professionals are able to help.

Experience in Non-Profit Operations

Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC possesses experience operating as a chief financial officer for both profit and non-profit entities. This insight allows us to help plan for the long term financial stability of organizations that do not have regular sources. With our assistance, not only can you be confident that your nonprofit organization will have the expertise to continue long term operation, but the experience necessary to maintain compliance with national and local regulations these specialized businesses. 

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Whether you are looking to enhance the current operations of your business or are in need of specialized assistance growing your profit or nonprofit business, Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC is available to help. Contact our Longmont part-time CFO to schedule your consultation today. We are eager to help your business grow and thrive in the modern marketplace.

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