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Looking to expand the scope of your small business, or create a business plan for your fledgling start-up? At Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC, our Longmont CPAs are dedicated to providing businesses with comprehensive, individualized care that will help you reduce tax liability, and enable you to determine a profitable direction for your burgeoning small business.

Helping you Plan Ahead

We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between you running your business, and understanding the tax implications that affect you. To further this understanding, Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC offers comprehensive business planning, accounting, and bookkeeping services that will enable you to determine the right direction for your business; from the efficiency of your current operation, to the right time to buy new equipment. Services that we offer to businesses include:

Experience and Availability

Our firm’s cumulative forty years of experience is always at the disposal of your small business. We make it a priority to keep in constant communication with our clients, tailoring our accounting efforts for your needs, and creating packages based the needs of your business and clientele. The Longmont CPAs at our firm won’t just prescribe you a financial strategy, but will listen to you, and help you to determine the most effective way to make your financial dreams a reality.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

At Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC, the efficiency of your business is a primary concern. Our firm’s combined business planning and bookkeeping services are at your disposal to keep your overhead low, and to help you make informed decisions for the sake of your business’ future.

Our payroll services will also help you and your employees form owing additional fees at the end of the year by keeping you in constant compliance.

Technologically Driven

The business services offered at Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC also utilize the most up to date technologies available. Programs like Quickbooks help us to stay in touch with our clients, and more effectively keep up to date with their expenditures and needs.

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If you are looking for technologically driven business services that are tailored to fit your unique circumstances, contact Kristi L Hattig, CPA LLC today. Our CPAs are eager to help business owners from the Longmont, Boulder, and Loveland areas. 

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